Friday, December 14, 2007

If there is one thing to dread, let it not be death.....

The week is over, as far as work is concerned... that makes me happy :) one more week until the REAL break comes.... an entire week off, plus two days! YAY! Hopefully I'll have plenty of chances to rest up, since the week after will be absolutely crazy. But for the time being... KENTUCKY HERE I COME! w00t!

I don't really have a lot to say today. I guess I'm just here to babble a little... speaking of babbling, I started a new book the other day - Gods of Aberdeen by Micah Nathan. I'm only a few chapters into it, but it could shape up to be an interesting book. It's a little obvious that this is the author's first book... a few places it's almost been like he's trying too hard. But there are some places that are just really good - almost more poetic than narrative. I'll leave you with a small section that just really struck me for whatever random reason:
I had told Nicole a little about my mother's death, one of those late-night confessionals the intimacy of dorm life seems to demand. But I didn't want her to think about me within the context of my loss; pity has a very short shelf life, especially for those on the receiving end. The irony of such tragic events is that you don't want people always taking into consideration what has happened to you, and you resent knowing they harbor the illusion of you living within the confines of bad memories, unable to escape. But you do live within those confines, shackled to them, some with longer chains than others. Every new tragedy puts another manacle around your wrist, and demands you build up the calluses to bear it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

oh cool, let's eat bambi!

i'm tired.
possibly because it's 10:21pm, and i haven't been sleeping too well the last few nights.
or maybe because work has been kicking my tail the last week and a half.
very possibly a combination of both.

i really like my job, most days.... but it can be frustrating. especially for a semi-perfectionist like me who has a problem with the job i've been doing lately. the poopy part is, unless things change soon for the better so that my time can be more focused on what it needs to be focused on, that's not going to change - in fact, it's about to get much, much worse. i just have to keep telling myself that i'm only human, and that someone else new walking in would be even further behind than i am. that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

i finally finished wicked, which seems like it took absolutely forever, so now hopefully i can get on with the books i managed to get from the library at home. i'm just kinda proud of myself that i managed to tough it out and finish it... the beginning is so slow and dry. it just seemed to take much longer than it should have. but it's done, and i have one more to put on the shelf. i have to admit it was well-written, even if it did seem to get bogged down in places. it's fascinating how he can take a place as captivating as oz and create an entire world, with the same political and social issues that it seems every civilization has dealt with at one point or another. even if it was slightly over-political.

my christmas tree is now up. i still hold to the idea that if you have enough lights, it doesn't matter how crappy your christmas tree is (in my case, a $14.88 tree from wal-mart that's screaking through its 4th christmas). although i have noticed that if you have too many on the inner parts of the branches, it illuminates the insides and shows how scriggly it is. oh well. my christmas tree has 411 lights on it, and i'm quite proud. and my peppermint candle really adds to the ambience. too bad the rest of my living room doesn't :) i guess i tend to gravitate toward the eclectic.

i'm going to leave you with one of my new favorite quotes:
"the price of healthy gums is eternal vigilance."

Thursday, December 06, 2007

where no one stands alone.

Click here and pray.
Help us bring them home.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm up and doing circles...

...I collapse...
It's been awhile yet again... Somehow I haven't been as verbally creative lately. Perhaps my muse has been hiding? Who knows.
I'm watching a football game right now. Of my own will. And it's not Kentucky. Mostly because I would REALLY like Tennessee to lose. I still think it's a little random... and yet I can't seem to stop...
It's snowing outside. Actually, I think right now it's more like sleeting. On top of the snow. I'm just glad I got some salt and a snow shovel this week. Actually, two snow shovels - a small one to leave in my car. One of things you buy hoping you'll never actually need it, but too scared not to buy it... When the poochie went outside earlier, I felt sorry for him... he was walking on top of the ice (on top of the snow), but half the time the layer of ice would break and he would sink way down, but half the time it wouldn't, so he was walking VERY funny. He wasn't too happy by the time he got back in the house... And he had a layer of ice on his back. Poor little guy :(
They just had a commercial for chick-fil-a... I miss that place. MMM!!! Waffle fries....
Yesterday, BWI-Lexington shut down forever; the doors closed for the final time. Sadness.
On a MUCH happier note, there is news afoot! For which I covet your prayers with all my heart....
But first, I'm going to show you some pretty awesome pictures:

The first is of my niece, Rosa and my sister-in-law, Amy. The second is Rosa's little brother, Carlos and my brother, Matt.
In my heart, they are family. However, the courts may take a little more persuasion to convince. Hence why I covet your prayers - I don't understand the whole process, and there are a lot of details I don't want to go into, but there are a lot of things that have to be worked out both legally and financially. Please, please pray that everything that happens is in the best interests of these beautiful children, so that they can come home soon! If you want more info, click on the link to Matt & Amy's blog on the right.
I cannot imagine what it must be like not to have a mommy and a daddy to love you and kiss your boo-boos and hold you when you're hurt or scared and to chase away the monsters under your bed. I thank God for the wonderful family I was given, and I pray that you would help us bring the newest members of my family home.
That's all.

(**slightly edited for accuracy**)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Introspective and Deep. (A rarity for me?!)

I'm back again. I have been such a slacker-blogger. Oh well. I'm not quite so sure about the vast readership this blog has anyway, so I doubt anyone is pining for my words. But today I've decided to put down a few, anyway.

Work lately has been making my head hurt. Not bad, just... confusing. Mind-boggling. Too many loose ends to tie up that apparently haven't really been thought about before. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

One of the advantages of living by yourself is that you can wear sweats as late as you want on a Saturday. Especially when you've been headachy and not feeling so good. And you can lay around and read strange books and listen to odd music and look at random places on the internet for as long as you please. No one cares, and the dog sleeps all day anyway. Although I did do some cleaning and a little laundry, but there really is a lot more to be done. Some days you really just need to take a break from hecticness. Today seems to be one of those days. Although one thing that has managed to be accomplished (not really because of me, other than my wondrous ability to open the door when there is knocking on the other side) is that I now have a handle on my refrigerator door. That should make life a little easier :) Although still no garage door opener or storm door. BUT, the doorway was measured, so that should happen soon. YAY! I wonder what my landlord's husband thought about the random Lena and Sinatra and Ella and Judy and Rosemary and such emanating from my television.... And really, sir, Ale8 is ginger ale, not beer! I promise. Really, I do.

Last week I went home. For pretty much an entire week. I soooooooo needed that... It was good to be home, to see people, and places, and be in a church (two!) that loves me and knows me. It was a little weird, though, once I was driving back home and thinking about it... I managed to spend time at each of the 3 places that I feel were different stages of my life. I was able to go home, really home for awhile... and be a part of the place that made me who I am for a few short hours on Sunday (I don't count Monday, because I don't feel that the hours before 7am are really a part of time I consider reality). So I consider that to be the first stage of my life... the place (and people, apart from my parents) who helped shape my thoughts and ideas and worldviews. Even if I don't always agree with everything that stage of my life consisted of, I can readily recognize its vast impact on my life. I will always call it home in some place of my heart. I also spent quite a bit of time at Asbury, seeing people and places and going to chapel and such. I feel like Asbury was the place that really prepared me to face the world. It was there I began to learn about what would be my vocation in life, and learned to think on deeper and higher levels, and I started to come out of myself. There are more people I wish I had had the chance to see (specifically Dr. Gray, and Prof. Fellows! I miss them...), but it was still good to be back for a minute. And then, my dear Lexington, the third stage in my life... Where I began my career, where I made mistakes and did good things and probably some not-so-good things, where I learned what it really means to make decisions and to live and to take care of myself and to be more independent and to pay bills and to buy my own toilet paper and to plan and to enjoy my friends and to deal with poopy car people and to cook my own dinner each and every night and to find my niche in life and in my church and at work and in the world... It was in Lexington I learned what it means to be an adult - both the good parts and the not-so-good parts and the annoying parts. It was a critical part in the development of who I am. I love Lexington - it's a great town.

One of the hardest things about moving at the time in my life when I did was that I felt like I finally had my life where I wanted it for the time being - I had a good job and a great church and family and friends nearby, and I finally felt settled and that Lexington was home. I had found my place in that part of my life, and I was enjoying it thoroughly. Life wasn't always easy, and I had more things to learn and to do, but it was good. Now I feel like I'm starting all over again, and it can be frustrating some days. But one revelation I had on my very long drive back to cold north was that a few years ago, I felt the same way about Lexington. Things take time. I will admit that I think it was harder to get in my car and drive away this time than it was when I actually moved. I haven't figured out my life here yet - what it should look like, where I'll be spending my time (outside of my sometimes-crazy work hours)... It wasn't hard to leave to come back to my new home because here is bad; on the contrary, for the most part I've greatly enjoyed living where I live. It's just that there was so good. But I also know that here could be just as good... it just needs time and adjustment. I know, I know, that this is where I'm supposed to be. That was settled; I don't question that in my head. My heart, on the other hand, sometimes takes a little more convincing. But I'm getting there :) I'm also learning that having a whole house to myself takes a bit more to keep up, even than my former duplex of roughly the same size. But I'm getting there, too :) If I could just finish unpacking, it would be much easier :) *sigh*... it's like the boxes never end.... Oh well. I'm getting there. One day, one box at a time. This new stage is just beginning; who knows where it will lead or what I will learn?!

Okay, so the poochie wants to go outside for a bit. This has been a much longer post than I expected. And I've bared my feelings a little more than I was planning as well. But that's a good thing? I hope. Maybe next time I'll get to tell about my infamous and crazy trip to the driver's license place. Grrrr. Some things about this state annoy me.

Okay Chico, I'm coming.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the little things, together they add up.

I've decided to move around some furniture this evening... For those of you who know or care, my blue chair is now in my bedroom. I'm going to be moving my big white bookcase into the living room where the chair was, whenever I decide to be motivated again.

Today it was cold. On Monday, the temperature here was 87 degrees. Today, the high was supposed to be 53. I think it hit that about noon... by the time I went to walk w/ the accounting peoples in the afternoon, it was absolutely frigid. and windy and spitting rain. I was wearing a relatively thick sweater and a jacket, and my teeth were chattering the whole way around the building. I don't think my body is liking the 45-degree temperature change in 3 days... I'm not feeling too good tonight. Maybe I just caught J's ickyness. Either way, I just wanna sleep. I think I'm just exhausted.

Maybe tomorrow I won't be at work through all the daylight hours. My back yard is going to turn into a massive jungle if I don't mow it again soon... But somehow I don't think the rain tomorrow is going to help. Or the working 11 hours.

I'm going to eat ice cream now.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

So it's been awhile....

....but I'm back!

So this been not only a crazy last couple of months, but a crazy year. I was just reading through some of my xanga posts (and unprotecting a few...), and it's amazing what I've made it through in the last year. It's amazing to me sometimes... God is so good. It's been an absolutely great year, but also a very frustrating and stressful one.
Here are a few pics that highlight my life of late:

(the new job)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Movin' on uuppppp.... to the.... west? side...........

Tuesday is the big day!
Sooooooo much to do......
Hope to see some of you few dear readers soon?!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

One of these days....

AH!!! I'm so excited!!

But so much to do before next week!

Like the Budget. So I'll get on that now.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Walk Like an Egyptian

Apparently I've become a Friday post-er. Or whatnot.
Crazy weekend to come...
I just found out Heidi is coming to visit tonight (Hi Heidi!). YAY! Girls' nights are fun :)
Tomorrow I will HOPEFULLY get the *other room* figured out and organized at some point.... although that may have to wait until Sunday or some such.
Tomorrow night... CHOIR PARTY!! WOOT! Partially for me, partly for the newest little Losch, who isn't very many weeks old. Good times :)
I need to go to WalMart at some point in the near future. I'm on my last roll of tp (I'm sure you wanted to know that), and thank you cards are a must at this point. And Ale8... LOTS of Ale8!!
Sunday is church, my last time to hear Pastor Steve preach :( At least for quite awhile. Sadness.
Hmm...... that's all I'm going to say now. Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!
Loveness and all.

Friday, July 06, 2007

it's been a long, long day.....................
it's a good thing it's friday. i don't think i could make it through another day like this.

Wilmore City-wide Yard Sale! Woohoo! Maybe I can get rid of my table & chairs, once and for all?!
Nancy is a nice lady. She's giving me a lot of prospects. Which is a good thing, b/c I was about to lose it this morning.
Singing in church on Sunday with Orville, Bob, Charlie, and Kim. And my daddy on the piano :) YAY! Kim is already trying to find a way to get him on the piano bench permanently. hehe... my daddy is so cool sometimes.

Okay, that's all for today. Leaving work soon... with boxes! woot!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tomatoes. And PJs. And Contracts. Oh my!

Today I learned: Me + Contracts = Not a good idea. At least not without help.

I did absolutely nothing of consequence over the 4th... I probably should've been more proactive and worked out plans to be with people, but... yeah, that didn't happen. I realized that yesterday was the first day in a very long time and mostly likely the last day for an even longer time that I could take the whole day to myself, and just relax and enjoy myself. So I did :) Rather than doing the bazillion things I should have been doing (and honestly felt quite guilty about), I had a me-day. I don't even think I changed out of my pajamas until around 6 or so? something like that. My leaving the house consisted of going out to check on my garden in the back yard. It was a good day :) I even took a short nap... So now it's back to double-time to get everything done. Woohoo.

So... we had a big storm last night. According to the news-guys, there were 60 mi/hr winds. Which I would believe, due to the trees I saw down on my way to work this morning and the fact that my power went out sometime in the middle of the night. When a storm is loud enough to wake ME up, you know it's bad... And I laid there in bed and watched my computer monitor blink off as everything went dark (I think I had left the bathroom light on, too). The poor little poochie was scared out of his mind :( He doesn't do well with thunder, especially thunder loud enough to reawaken John & Charlie.

I say all that to say... when I woke up this morning, and looked out the window after I stepped out of a not-so-quick shower, I saw the carnage that used to be my vegetable garden :( It was so sad-looking... I hurriedly dressed, and put on my nikes (even though they don't look so good with my black dress pants) and ran out to inspect. Now mind you, it was still raining at this point, so that was an adventure in and of itself. I was able to pick the tomato cages back up and stick them far enough back into the ground that they were upright again, but with as saturated as the ground was I'm not so sure they'll still be upright when I get home. My beans looked like they had been blown over by a hurricane, but I'm hoping they'll still be okay. I picked two this morning, my first real harvest from my garden. YAY!! :) There are several more which could probably be picked, but at that point I was sinking pretty far into the mud (still in my dress pants, still raining) so I decided to hold off until later. Hopefully everything will be okay with a little sun... I love my garden :)

Some exciting things are in the works... involving a 13-page fax I sent this morning. But if you want to know about that, you'll have to ask. I'm slightly scared out of my mind, but exhilerated at the same time.... So many changes, so fast, so little time. I realized this morning that this is my last monthly close here at work - bittersweet. But I'm moving on, hopefully to bigger and better things.


Friday, June 22, 2007

A little unwell...

Woohoo! It's Friday! :)
This has been one of the longest weeks I've endured in awhile. Possibly b/c last Friday I took off the whole day, and the week before that I took of half a day on Friday.
NAAAHHHHHH!! That can't be the reason :)
I feel like I have a bazillion things to do and places to be in the next little while, but I keep forgetting when I need to be places and what things I have to do. And then after thinking about it, I realized I don't really have anything I have to do this weekend, or any plans set in stone. (well, other than Wilmore Camp Meeting on Sunday night...) Kinda nice :)
But then the CRAZINESS hits... Monday night I have VBS at church, and Tuesday morning I fly out at an ungodly hour up to Chicago. Brian & I are going to be in McHenry going over some integration-type things for all of Tuesday, and Wednesday we have a Finance Conference-thingey for all of the Follett divisions. Yay for us. And then I come back on Thursday... Friday night is more VBS (I think), Saturday morning is practicing w/ Orville, Roberta & Tammy, and the madness continues from there....
I need a nap. Or perhaps an ice skating? Or chocolate. Or something.
About the deeper platitudes of life... I have no thoughts today. Maybe I should, but right now I don't. I watched a few minutes of the first Deuce Bigalow last night on USA or some crazy station like that... that was disturbing. I had chinese for lunch.. .YAY for Kung Pao! Or was it something else? I don't remember. But it was good.
My friend L from work just told me that I'm so creative, I'll be a tough zombie someday. Should that bother me?
R a m b l e
R a m b l e
Want to know what creativeness inspired her insights into my future zombie-ness? She is leaving work an hour before me today, and she was commenting on how she only had 30 more minutes before she got to go home (while I still had an hour).
I leave you with my response:


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To this I fervently aspire...

I'm totally not wanting to do all the things I need to do to get myself ready to do what I need to do. I really need to get over this procrastinator thing. Yeah, I don't think it'll happen either. Oh well.
Company lunch today.... to thank us for all our hard work. I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to jump-start the good eating habits again. Because tonight I'm totally going to have some more birthday cake.
Okay, I think that's all I wanna say. Not much going through my head right now... other than coldness. Lots of coldness. I feel like I've been standing in the big frigerator in the basement of the dining hall for about 15 minutes... yeah, it's THAT cold in my office. I'm just glad I remembered my jacket today :)
Bye now.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Will U. Waite, Mate?

I absolutely LOVE the new *Books* and *iRead* applications on facebook. I think I like the *Books* one better, mostly b/c you can rate it, put your comments and actually tell when you read it. Although at my level of mental stability, sometimes it's hard to remember such things as what months I've read what books. I'm having a hard time remembering what books I've read in the last 2 months, let alone ones older. I like the *iRead* app mostly b/c on it, I can just add and add and add books quite easily and not have to worry about typing anything. (Needless to say the list is already cumbersome) Between the two of them, I could spend hours looking up books and such.

Speaking of, I went into the library the other day to renew my overdue books (I think the library has made enough money off of me to open up another wing, if not a whole new branch). Although! quick note... I wasn't as overdue this month, b/c there is a wonderful thing called library elf that emails you BEFORE your books are due, rather than after they've already switched their status to *overdue* and you owe them lots of money, as the library websites do. It's a wonderful thing. But I digress... I went to renew a couple books (including dear old GMAT, whom I've had for several months now) and maybe pick out another one or two. Did I only get 1 or 2? NO. I now have 12. TWELVE. Although since then I found one book that I've been looking for the last month or so, which is a good thing. Now, this was on Saturday... I've already finished 2 books (granted, they were small - the 1st two Narnia books, which I am ashamed to say I'd never read before), and am almost through with the 3rd (yes, Coral, it was another Lori Wick). I'm also excited to read the 11th stephanie plum book... I've been waiting for awhile to read it. I know it's been out for a long time, but I hate reading a book when I know I can't read the one that comes after it b/c it hasn't been written yet, or at least published. So now that JE is onto the 13th, I think I'm ready for the 11th :-) Yes, I know I'm weird. I'm also excited to read Till We Have Faces. So it is happily sitting in the stack. I have another book which I finally checked out so I can FINALLY finish the series, even though I haven't really liked it that much. It's the kind of book I would have read and liked in high school, but its lack of literary beauty is just annoying now. I also have another Grisham and a book that I've never heard of before by an author I've never heard of before, Elif Shafak. We'll see how those go.

Enough of my Corella-inspired book talk. There are other things I'd like to discuss, but this isn't the venue. But exciting things are afoot...

Is it weird that I've had lots of people spending the night with me lately? Hsin and Chris; Jay and Amber + family, Mary.... And then there was the Memorial Day partay and the spontaneous movie night on Saturday.... Is there some reason for the sudden interest in my life and house, or do people really just like me? Or, morely likely yet, is it b/c it's summertime and I'm a stopping point in people's journeys to other places, like Italy and Taiwan and Wilmore? Hmm, things to ponder...

Anyway, I'm going to go now. I hope you all have a happy day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I feel like I have been neglectful in my postings of late. Probably b/c these days I seem to be spending my breaks at work looking at other-type things that will be useful to me in the next 60 days. So close, and yet so far away....

Monday was fabulous. I LOVE DAYS OFF!!! Actually, the whole weekend was pretty cool. Friday I took the afternoon off and went to Wilmore. Helped my dad rearrange his office, talked to a few good people... then went back to lex and had dinner with my parents. But apparently I'm having a mental block as to where. Oh yeah! Joe Bologna's. Good food, WAY too many calories. And then I sat with Amanda and didn't do much else. But we talked. And looked at her herb garden. Coolness :-) Saturday... I don't remember that either. hmm... oh yeah! Spinning at 9am. Pretty much killed myself. Then Amanda & I went to Panera for breakfast to reward all our hard work. Then I took a long nap........................ And then babysat all night. I'll miss my kids :-( We had a good time. Sunday was craziness at church, and then the 'rents came over for dinner. MMMM!!!! Grilled bbq pork steak!! and other foodly goodnesses. They hung out for awhile. Did some massive grocery shopping... all to prepare for..... MONDAY!

Got up early, had breakfast with the parents (I did a lot with them this weekend...) at McDonald's :-) Then a bit more quick-shopping and then went home to prepare and cook... Ryan & Amanda come over around 10:30, and he started doing his awesome chef thing. And Amanda helped me do my dessert thing. JR & Bethany came over sometime around noon, which called for good times. For our little cook-out party, Ryan fixed: grilled hamburgers, grilled bratwurst, grilled corn on the cob with southwest butter, potato salad, cole slaw, homemade salsa (what am I saying?! it was ALL homemade), grilled spinach and portabella mushrooms... and I think something else, but I don't remember. It was SOOOO fabulously good. And then I made blueberry torte and homemade strawberry ice cream for dessert... We sat around and talked and ate all day long. We had a really good time :-) YAY!!

And then the boys ran off to go places, and we girls went shopping. I bought a quilt that will actually fit my bed (YAY!) but I have to see if I can find some sheets to go with it, or else I'm gonna have to take it back :( I like it, though. YAY!

Okay. Enough about my fun weekend. Gotta run... duties call....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day... by Day... by Day... by Day...

So much to do, so little time.........

Recap of the last week:
Last Tuesday: Wisler family stayed the night at my house. Fun, good times, but tiring.
Wednesday: Church/Choir
Thursday: Praise Band Practice (sound things)
Friday: Uh, don't remember. Felt dead. Watched 2nd Pirates Movie :-)
Saturday: Slept in, took naps, stayed up till 1:30 baking and cooking and whatnot.
Sunday: Church, lunch at parents, stuff outside......
Monday: Ad Council meeting at church
Tuesday: TBD (but I voted! :) )
Wednesday: Church/Choir/Hsin & Chris come to stay the night
Thursday: Get up in order to leave for airport at 4:45. Yes, me. You'll be proud when I actually do it, huh?! Work, Praise Band Practice (if I don't bail to do something with amanda. or to take a nap...)
Friday: Work, take Bethany to the airport.
Which will most likely be spent doing things I don't wanna do..... like cleaning and such. and getting ready....
The big question is, do I take off half a day on Friday? JUST BECAUSE I CAN!?

I know you probably don't care about my weekly itinerary. But I told you anyway. And if you read this far, you obviously cared enough to finish the post. So ha. Oh yeah, and I love you!

Monday, May 14, 2007

the Eclectic Beaver


  • Never run all the reports until you check to make sure the numbers work.
  • How to tell if I'm having a heart attack. (Women's symptoms are different than men's... it's all about jaw pain)
  • Snickers ice cream bars have 300 calories. And knowing that makes them taste that much better.
  • There is always a but. Sometimes it's big. Sometimes it's felt. (I didn't really get that one)
  • Edie the Lightening Bug throws well, but my aim isn't as good as it used to be.
  • Warm Diet Dr. Pepper = yuck.
  • Pact plans are necessary.
  • Pop can + MP3 player with FM Stereo = good antenna
  • Some days should have a fast forward button.

And now something interesting to leave you with:

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Wake to Sleep

So I took a little trip back home this weekend... I got to see lots of peoples :-) YAY for me! I had expected to see Hsinny and Chris, but I was ever so pleasantly surprised to see Leah & her hubby, too! And Freddy and Cassie's little guy is so adorable.... looks just like Freddy, bless his heart :) And Jay & Amber's kids are soooo cute... Good times, good talks, lots of memories. It was also great to see some of the *older folks*, like Neihofs and Cundiffs and Miss Leach and Aunt Ruby and all. I started thinking about how much each of these people have helped mold me into the person I am today... and then I started to get teary-eyed and stopped thinking :-) There would never be enough words to say how much these dear people mean to me, and how much they have been a part of making me who I am. I love each of them like family, and thank God for their presence in my life at an age where I needed that kind of support and love and even challenge.

Okay, that's enough sappyness for today.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's such a tasty sight...

Sleepy today. I would like a nap. Or a week off from work. Or better yet, a lifetime. That's how I feel today.

Amanda & I have been very good at exercising and eating healthily and all. There have been only a few small setbacks, but overall we're both doing quite well. YAY for us! Since it's been so beautiful outside, we've been taking advantage of the Arboretum a lot. Once it starts to really get hot and summerish, I'm sure we'll start hitting the gym again, but until then, the weather has been just too wonderful to ignore :-) And besides, you see a lot more interesting people (and animals) at the Arboretum. Like, the albino great dane and the *fattest dog I've ever seen* (that's his new name).

Bethany came walking with us last night... I don't think she was quite prepared for our walkingness. By the second lap we had slowed down enough that she was okay again, and we could carry on normal conversations :-) I learned some things last night, about trees and such, but I won't go into that right now. Just be proud I learned something.

Anyway, I'm proud of myself and of Amanda for our success so far. Hopefully we can keep it up just a few more months.....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Watch out for those three-legged plants....

Not a lot to say.
Brain hurts.
Head hurts.
Poison ivy itches.

Need nap.
Or a frappuccino.
Mmm.... Coffee.........
which goes even better with
MMM.... Donuts!!!!
But I can't eat those today. :(
I have 10 weeks.
Do you think it'll happen?!?!?
I just need to be dedicated.

(fyi) Nothing in this post whatsoever is work-related.
Other than causes/effects/reasons why.
I still have no idea when.

I'm going away now.
Just seeing this makes me cringe:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's just been a rough day.
Since the moment I walked inthe door this morning, things have gone wrong.
I'm sooo tired.
I've actually thought about skipping church tonight.....
but knowing me I won't.
I just need sleep... or something.
Even gum isn't helping.
(Maybe I should follow Donna's advice after all.)
Rough day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chip, I'm gonna come at you like a..... what was that again?

I got a crazy amount of sleep this weekend. Yesterday was the first day I've actually felt *rested* in I can't even remember how long. Like, the kind that even if I wanted to take a nap, I couldn't. Cause I was all sleeped out.
Then last night happened...
I received a text message from a certain marine-someone at 2am. Now, if this had been an important message, one that would be necessary for me to know at 2 o'clock in the morning, I wouldn't mind so much.
It was a sound byte from the Ballad of Ricky Bobby -
you know, the spider monkey one.
I do not consider that important enough to wake me up from a deep, dreamful sleep. So, then, I was at least a little awake (since the text message noise on my phone is similar to my alarm clock noise, and it nearly freaked the poopy out of me), and I had to pee (I'm sure you wanted to know that. I know, You're welcome). I finally climbed back in bed...
....And could not sleep.
At all.
Buffy was not a very happy camper at 2am.
Now, I am exhausted. Grrrrr. So much for being rested. Which is making me ever so slightly cranky.
That, and the Slim-Fast.
But on a happier note, Healthy Choice dinners are on sale 1/2 price at Meijer this week. So I actually went grocery shopping before my ever-long church meeting last night, and there is
YAY for me.
(bye now)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Aren't they ADORABLE?!?!

You should be proud of me. I was actually at work at 6:30 this morning. Okay, so maybe it was more like 6:38, but I still think that's good :-)
Going out with the girls (+JR) tonight. Watch a movie, eat ice cream :) I am sssooooooo incredibly happy it's Friday. I need a night to just relax and not think about things for awhile.
On another note, this is a link to a blog site for a couple who are in the process of adopting from the same orphanage that Matt & Amy are adopting from. This couple is over there right now. Anyway, it tells a little more about the orphanage, & there are even pictures :-) It's very strange (but so exciting!!) to think that maybe, just maybe one of these children is my little nephew, just waiting to come home.
Okay, before I start crying, I'm going to go. Everybody have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Whenever you call me... I'll be around. (maybe, hopefully, if I have a moment to breathe)

So seriously... What's up with all this posting of mine? I hardly know what to do with myself. Very odd.
How are y'all? I feel like I have been terribly bad at keeping up with my peeps. It's horrific, I know. Evan, if you ever read this (which I kinda doubt you do), I'm really not ignoring you. I'll try to call you back. Really I will. Oh yeah, and Hsin too.
Part of my trouble is that I'm always out doing stuff. I'm at church or exercising or at church or with Amanda or at church or at Bethany & JRs. Or maybe at church. Then by the time I get home and remember somebody called, I either a) realize it's too late to be calling any normal working human being or b) am so exhausted I'm not in the mood for having a decent conversation or being nice at all, really.
So if you are my friend, and you haven't heard from me in awhile, I still love you. I'm trying to keep up with the whirlwind that is my life right now and everybody else, too, but I've been slacking lately.
Please forgive me, I'll try to do better.
And if there is seriously something serious going on in your life, leave me an urgent-sounding voicemail. Because I still love you and want to be there for you if you need me.
And if you need to call me tonight to tell me something important... leave me a voicemail. I'll be at church. But I'll do my best to call you back.
I love you all.
Have a fabulous day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Being drawn in further over my head...........

This has been the absolute longest week ever. Haven't I worked at least five days this week already?!? grrr.
Tried to talk Amanda into spinning tonight... don't think that's gonna happen. But walking will be good :) Maybe the arboretum again?! Just as long as I don't have to be seen in public in my bicycle shorts...... But studying MUST begin happening again. ABSOLUTELY MUST. Because even if I don't go back to school right away, I need to go ahead and get the GMAT done and over with. grrrrrrrrrrr. ¡No me gusta los exámenes!
I'm in the mood for some good fried mexican food. Which will NOT help the diet in any way, shape, or form... mmm, grease!
So Lynette and I have taken to counting down the minutes for the last hour of work. I'm not sure it helps, but I like to pretend it does.
Okay, I really should go now. It's taken me nearly an hour to type this with all the interruptions... (geez, you'd think I was at work or something!!!)
Later, y'all.

Monday, April 09, 2007

My new name is Slappy, Slappy the Squirrel

I feel overwhelmingly dead today.
To the point that I splurged for starbucks this morning, and even the extra shot DIDN'T HELP.
Nor did the fast food for lunch (as if it should).
I feel like 98% of my blood has been drained out of my body leaving me with nothing. Maybe a vampire visited me in my sleep. Although I didn't see any teeth marks this morning.... Hmmm. Oh well.
I have so many, many things to do this evening... I need to put my house back together, keep going through things in the *other room*, PAY BILLS, balance my checkbook, and work off the aforementioned lunch. oh yeah, and go to the store and buy food.
But at the rate I'm going, I think I'll take Amanda's way out and lie lifelessly on my sofa until 10pm, at which point I will go to bed (or not... maybe I'll just sleep on the sofa) and lie lifelessly until tomorrow. Doesn't that sound like a much better idea??
Oh yeah, and Easter was great. As was spending hours at Bethany & JR's on Saturday night learning *new games*. As was going out Friday night after the cantata and sitting at applebee's for too many hours. Yay for girl talk! (although at least a little bit of it was slightly disturbing.....)
Okay. Break's over now. I'm going away. I hope one of you out there is having a good day.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

... easy like Sunday mornin'........

I really should post here more often. Oh well.

I totally missed out on the fact that choir practice was canceled last night. Newsflash: Standing in front of your church trying to get into 10 different locked doors can be embarassing. Okay, so it was more like 7. I'm just glad nobody was around. I think............

Yesterday was the longest day ever. I kept thinking it was time for work to be OVER, but then I'd look at the clock and realize I still had another hour and a half. ERRGHTK. I hate those days. And then I kept dropping things

HOWEVER, I greatly enjoyed the vegetarian sandwich-thingey at Jimmy John's last night. This was my first adventure into Jimmy John's world. I think I shall return.

Not much of consequence to say today... Still waiting to hear back from *the people*. Or rather, *the man*. My future hangs in the balance......

*Lenten* cantata is Friday night... if you're in the area, come. Should be a good time. Especially with the harp. Gotta love the harp.

Oh crap... I just got an email. I could find out sooner than I thought.

I'll keep you all posted.... I know I've said this a lot lately, but please keep praying.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

then there's always tomorrow......

dang it. I just typed a post. and lost it. doh.

to borrow amanda's terminology, I'm having brain death today. at least it feels dead to me. lots of craziness... but I think I'll leave that for a protected xanga post. there are some things that some people just don't need to know. mostly because then they will bug me about it. and I don't really want to talk to them in the first place. if you're related to me and reading this, I don't mean you.

I feel like I'm finally getting back into the groove of life. after a couple weeks of sabbatical, it's pretty nice. I went to the gym last night for the first time in I don't care to remember how long. We were supposed to go spinning, but due to an accident involving the trunk of my car, we (meaning Jess & I) worked out on the elliptical instead. I'm hoping that's how you spell that. Since we were actually prepared for spinning, we didn't have any earphones or anything with us, so we went to the *cardio cinema*... I don't like the machines in there. they are entirely too needy. first of all, you can't see anything to enter your *info*, so it took me like 10 minutes to get everything in there. not to mention that it's DARK (that would be the cinema part), so I didn't even know at first that there was a guy in the floor next to me doing some kind of weird stretchy-things. so I got to see the last few minutes of some football movie with mark wahlburg. and then the first couple minutes. I was all about bad timing yesterday, apparently.

I've been in meetings all week. *insert appropriate word of consternation in here* maybe tomorrow things will look brighter? no, probably not until at least monday. grrr.

I'm going now. I'm sleepy. This no-caffeine-in-the-mornings thing is about to kill me. I guess I'll have to start drinking black coffee.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ya soshla s uma

****thoughts running around in my head****

should I? shouldn't I??
should I wait and see?
but that might be too late.
can I afford it? probably not.
but maybe I should try it anyway.
(I can always get somebody to loan me the money, right?)
so many opportunities could be opened up...
I hate making major decisions in a hurry.
but sometimes it's easier that way...... less time to think about it.
I think I shall.
have I decided?
for sure?
but I think so.
I wish they would email me back.
I think this must be what I'm supposed to do.
I'm glad Kelly agrees..... I think.....
maybe the timing will be perfect.
maybe not...
we can always hope.
oh yeah, and there's that prayer thing, too. :-)
I should keep on that.

pray for me? but I think I know.

(PS~~if you understand the title, you get a cookie. or maybe an ale8 or 6. but here's the original spelling: Я сошла с ума)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Aunt Sandy is da bomb!

Rather than post yet another *announcement* (news story, etc... that seems to be my modus operandi lately) I thought I would make this one a little more personal.

I have been crazy-excited all day. Well, I guess not all day. Sleeping through my alarm clock this morning wasn't really the highlight of my week (although I still made it to work an hour early! I know, I know, be amazed). It really started around 9:30 when I got an email from my mom. This email (which greatly alluded to her excitement on the same subject) was the bearer of the incredibly happy and wonderful news that as of July 1st, 2007, Dr. Sandra Gray (aka Aunt Sandy) will be the President of Asbury College. I actually squealed at my desk. Which my coworkers appreciated, I'm sure... although they've rather gotten used to some of the strange sounds that come out of my mouth when I'm working/concentrating.

I cannot think of a better person, male or female, to take on this position than Dr. Gray. I'm not sure such a person exists. She is an absolutely fabulous person. She has all the charisma, poise, business skills, personality, COMMON SENSE, public speaking presence, intelligence, and leadership qualities that you could ever ask for (AND THEN SOME!). Her personal faith is humbling, something at this point I can only pray to be ever be able to reach. She is a true role model in every sense. I can only dream of aspiring to be either the businesswoman or woman of God that she demonstrates every day. Every person I have talked to/emailed with about this announcement has reiterated what I have already said-there is no one better for this job. (My favorite was, *It's about time*.

I thank God for her influence on my life, and for the blessings of being able to sit in her classroom and her home, and to spend an entire week in New York with her, to learn from her and to get to know her. I do have to say I learned more about her that week than from any of her classes, and it was a privilege. I even got to see some of the humorous side, which was fun :-)

Thank you, Dr. Gray, for all that you have given each of us students who have had the privilege to sit in your class and learn from you. Thank you for being true to the will of God for your life. Thank you for modeling in front of us what a true businessperson as well as a faithful Christian looks like. We are indebted to you. And we celebrate with you today, because we truly believe you are the best for this job and the person God has hand-selected to lead Asbury College ahead in the years to come. Asbury College will become a better place on July 1, 2007. We will be praying for you, for wisdom and His guidance.

We love you!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

and summer faded into fall....

I've been slightly disappointed with myself for the lack of posting that's been going on lately. maybe I should be more disappointed with the lack of [interesting] things going on in my life. I'm mostly just keeping busy.... Mostly church. And working out. And stuff. They're not having Praise Band practice tonight at church, which means I get to go to spinning again tonight (I think that's a good thing?!)

Went to the LSU game Tuesday night with Heidi... that was fun :-) It was an exciting game to be a part of (even if it was the VERY TOP row.....) We had some good conversation, which is a good thing too. although getting to sleep at 1am probably wasn't the best thing I could do for myself this week. oh well.

I don't really feel like there's a lot else to say. life's still going on, my heart's still ticking, I'm not about to die from hypothermia (or already dead?! and seeing a blown-up guy?!?!) or anything, so I guess that's a good thing. although it's been so cold in our office this week that I feel like a little hypothermia isn't too far off... darn conference room.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

I was walking with a ghost

I figured it's been awhile so I should find something to post about again.... but I really can't think of anything exciting. work is still somewhat slightly depressing, but it's gotten a lot more normal I think now that people are realizing work still has to be done, and for quite awhile yet. church was canceled yet again last night, which was nice :-) I don't often get to have normal, relaxing evenings where I don't have to be anywhere or do anything in particular. I rather enjoyed it. I even had time to watch my tape of tuesday night's gilmore girls (which I had missed due to the sadness that was the UK/UT game).

Like I said, not a lot to say. I just realized that my desk calendar still says wednesday, but that's not really noteworthy. the snow has been refreshing, although not being able to get the key to turn in my car-lock wasn't fun yesterday. I now carry a lock de-icer thingey in my purse. I wonder if that would could also double for mace? (a question for the chemistry-minded of you out there...)

Okay. That's all for today.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

what do you say - it's up for grabs?

this past weekend was quite the busy experience. apparently this week is following suit, which explains why it's taken me until tuesday afternoon to type about the weekend. *sigh* (will I ever get a break? cuz I could really use one right about now. I feel like I'm at home about as much {or less!} than I was in my room my senior year of college. yeah. it's like that.)

let's see... Friday night was dinner with Bethany & JR and Ryan & Amanda at Logan's. hmmm.... brought back so many memories... of things like trying to convince Phillip not to steal the buckets of peanuts, throwing peanut shells down Coral's shirt, Coral tipping the table over on herself and making the cute waiter laugh... good times. Anyway, it was fun. JR can be about as ADD as Phillip, so sometimes we have to try to keep him calmed down too. After dinner I went mega-grocery shopping, which was a VERY good thing. I actually have food in my house. FO' REALZ! I have at least 2 cabinets that are COMPLETELY full. Which is a nice feeling. Being hungry is not all it's cracked up to be. So that was Friday.

Saturday started with Spinning Class at the gym @ 9ish (aren't you impressed?!?! me, at the gym, EARLY on saturday morning?!?!! seriously!). After the workout, Amanda and I went to breakfast (erm... brunch.......) at Panera :-) We were both procrastinating from going home for pretty much the same reason, so it was a nice, relaxing time. Yay for us.

I then went home and cleaned my house. (well, at least the downstairs. and the upstairs bathroom. we won't discuss the bedrooms.) I cleaned out Chico's living area, hand-mopped the floor in the downstairs bathroom, cleaned the sink/mirror/toilet/etc., mopped the kitchen/dining room floor, did all the dishes (even hand-washing some!!!), vaccuumed my living room floor, dusted, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, cleaned out/arranged the downstairs coat closet.... I'm telling you, this work-out stuff is good for my motivation. At least I'll pretend that's what it is.

Mary, Anna, Hsin, and Mary's 2 little girls came for a visit. We hung out at the house, then went to dinner at ChikFilA. mmmm! then we stopped by Amanda & Ryan's (w/ Bethany & JR) for a chat, and then they went back home to the hills. I stayed there and watched a chick flick with Amanda and Bethany while the boys watched some kind of boy movie in the other room. All I know is there was a bunch of loud yelling and gunshot sounds coming from in there. Found out some disturbing news, but don't yet feel at liberty to divulge at the moment. Just pray. Please. Pray.

Sunday morning was church, although the choir didn't sing at 8:30 again (w00t for sleeping in!!). Lunch at the 'rents, at which I received a check for $3,200. Don't worry, it's not mine to keep. But it was a nice feeling nonetheless :-).

Sunday afternoon, did a little more shopping for party foods and the like, then went home and made guacamole and got ready for the partay. YAY! Amanda, Ryan, & JR came over (I still can't call him Gary. too weird.....). The boys actually watched the game, while Amanda and I mostly ate food, talked, and ran in to watch the commercials. But we watched the end, so that should count for something, right?!?! Good times, WAY too much junk food, got to find a way to get the dog to stop humping the company. Rather embarrassing for all involved.

Dude, this has been a long post. So I guess I'll go now. And work. Since I'm supposed to be working. Since break's over now. Okay. Bye.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

why you should never let your coworkers know when you're turning 40....

My coworker Yvette is 40 today. I shall explain pictorially why you should never let people like me or my boss know when such an event is about to occur. Vette leaves at 4:30 each afternoon, while most of us don't leave until 5. Here is what transpired after 4:30 last night:

Then, after she got here this morning, some other *friends* within the company decided they wanted in on the decorating, so they helped out by doing this:

(that's yvette in the pictures... my favorite is the big *40* pin she has to wear all day. we couldn't get her to wear the crown, though)

good times. the bonus being my boss (vicky) also brought in doughnuts (YUM!), the other ladies brought in a birthday cake, and I've heard rumors that evelyn brought in her homemade enchiladas for lunch.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I really shouldn't complain, but...

apparently spinning makes my knee hurt. go figure. I'm actually less sore than I thought I would be.... I'm just proud of myself for making it through all 45 minutes. although amanda is the real hero, cuz she actually did the standing up part (erm... jogging) for as long as she was supposed to, all five times. I don't think I ever made it for more than a minute and a half at a time. but it was a great workout :-) YAY FOR ME!

there's a guy whose office is down the way who sneezes JUST like my dad. kinda freaks me out. it's not even so much of a sneeze as a combination cough-yell-whinny. gosh, I haven't typed that word in years. but anyway, yeah, it's weird.

I think a bath in alcohol (the RUBBING kind, duh!) is in order for this evening. work out some of this knee soreness.

I'm thinking about having some kind of wannabe superbowl party this weekend. funny how nobody who reads this is in my area code (or very few, anyway) but I think it would be fun. the girls who don't care about football (um, that would be all of us) can hang out in the kitchen after the first 5 minutes and talk and eat food. while the boysnesses can watch the game, undisturbed by us chicas and our incessant questions and talking.

we'll see.

Monday, January 29, 2007

:( & :)


on a happy note: NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I'll post a picture later. I think I'm going to name this car. any suggestions? I've never really named a car before.... at least, I don't think *the gay-mobile* counts. I think my last car should've been named *the crapmobile*. or *paul miller sucks*. either one would have been appropriate. but everything is done and taken care of, no more worries for me!! (at least on that end of things....)

amanda & I went to a *spinning* orientation class at the gym yesterday. I now have what I believed the lady (aka crazy work-out biotch) called *saddle-soreness*. all I know is that things (people, animals, what have you) with pelvic bones should not attempt what we attempted without a cushioned seat.

and yet I'm going back tomorrow to do it all over again. glutton for punishment, you say? hopefully someday it will all be worth it. in the mean time I'll just be popping ibuprofen, thank you very much.

that's about it. had our joint service w/ the korean congregation at church yesterday (read: lots of interpreting I didn't understand, good food, and kimchi. notice I do not classify kimchi as good food). Yoonie was there... YAY!!! made me think of the good old days.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I tend to forget to title my posts.

So the car is officially dead, the back officially will not let me fix it, farm bureau and central bank are officially tied for #1 on my blacklist. followed quickly by ms. alexis herself. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

anybody wanna go to a midnight hockey game tonight?!?!?!?! :-D it's been awhile. sounds like fun. YAY! who needs milk and bread?! I'll spend my $5 watching guys beat each other up!!!

in other news, check out kraz's xanga. or not. but it's got interesting info on Macky-G himself, and a link to a guy whose head was in a mountain lion's mouth. with teeth marks and everything. cool.

I've learned that it can be difficult to simultaneously work out (either treadmill or elliptical) and watch grey's anatomy. cuz when big bombshells drop out of people's mouths, it's difficult not to fall off the machine. but apparently not as difficult as when trying to show jessica how to turn on the little fan-thingey. but hey, I made the older guy on the other side of me laugh, so what's a sore knee? MORAL OF THE STORY: don't fall off the treadmill.

later, peoples. good times, good food tonight. YAY!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

woman weak and woman mortal....


legs UBER-sore.....

so much to do

so little time

but I'm working out tonight. YAY!

can't figure out an outline for tomorrow night's class at church?


(i wish it would snow)

Friday, January 19, 2007

let's talk.

wow.... two posts in one week. you should be proud. not to be confused with the TWO different posts on my xanga! wow. I'm becoming such a blogger. although those of you who post every day make me feel like a slacker. mostly I post when nobody else has written anything exciting and I still have time left on my break and I'm bored. (my secret's out......)

I feel like there aren't any good discussions on blogger anymore. hence, I am going to type up a few items that may (or may not) be of interest.... feel free to comment as you wish. and no, this isn't really a plea for people to leave comments on my blog to make me feel better about myself... I've finally been able to separate my self-worth from blog comments. this is just to make something interesting to read. because we all need a little mental stimulation every once in awhile. (bad coral - I know where thine thoughts leadest thou) these are a little random, some tvish, some politicsish, some just plain weird. pick one.

discussion topics:

if you were to become a millionaire, what would be the very first thing you would do?

will preston and christina ever talk to each other again?

should we go to a national sales tax rather than federal income tax?

which is better: mountain dew or ale81?

was simon wrong to say that guy with the big eyes looked like a lemur? (aka bush baby)

do you think lindsay lohan should go to jail for documented cases of underage drinking and drug use?

if you could choose a famous person to be president, who would it be and why?

what of lorelai and luke?

should I shave my head?

okay. that's enough for today. bye.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

as the elevator music plays softly in my head....

I'm sitting on hold. waiting for ups. because they're slow. yay for me.

interesting weekend, I guess you could say.... Friday night was dinner & a movie at JR & Bethany's. good times, *the illusionist* is a great movie, great talks.... it's amazing how much we could have to talk about. it seems like we've been sitting around talking for 15, maybe 30 minutes, and then I'll look at the clock and realize it's been more like 3 hours. it's amazing what growing up does to you.

I was talking to amanda last night, and I really don't remember much of what happened on saturday. but she didn't remember what she did either, so that makes me feel better. I know I slept in, and I did a few things around the house, but not a heck of a lot. that's really all I remember. oh wait......... now that I think about it, dinner and a movie might have been saturday night instead of friday night. yeah, that's it. gosh, my memory is bad. I'm so used to us getting together on Friday that I forgot... oh well.

ANYHEW... on Sunday was church, as always... although I must say that our choir rocked this week. when the 8:30 traditional service actually gives applause for the choral anthem, you know it must have been good. dinner with the fam, including the elusive matt & amy back from their trek to northern ireland. I think it's so cool to say my brother went to the UK to make an actual record. If all goes well, he should have some copies available for distribution sometime in march. YAY!

I'm such a sucker... it really is sad. I am now officially a member of gold's gym (at a discounted rate, mind you... I'm not a complete i-dot). so now I'm going to be working out quite a bit, if only to make myself not feel so guilty for joining. but amanda & ryan are members, so she & I have already started setting up a schedule to work out together. and

Friday, January 12, 2007

these heels weren't made for walkin'

I'm such a bad poster. As in, person who posts, not thing that hangs on the wall.

speaking of, got a real, hand-painted picture on Sunday. cool as ever. will post later.

not much to say.

Friday, January 05, 2007

just a little note to say...

it's nice to get a quick email from the other side of the world, even if the reason for the email wasn't exactly *positive*... it's nice to know that some friendships will last forever, no matter how far away they are or how long time may pass since you have seen said friend. According to the internet, my email traveled 6920.2 miles to get to me this morning... a great way to start a Friday.

Daisuki, Miyachin.