Thursday, February 01, 2007

why you should never let your coworkers know when you're turning 40....

My coworker Yvette is 40 today. I shall explain pictorially why you should never let people like me or my boss know when such an event is about to occur. Vette leaves at 4:30 each afternoon, while most of us don't leave until 5. Here is what transpired after 4:30 last night:

Then, after she got here this morning, some other *friends* within the company decided they wanted in on the decorating, so they helped out by doing this:

(that's yvette in the pictures... my favorite is the big *40* pin she has to wear all day. we couldn't get her to wear the crown, though)

good times. the bonus being my boss (vicky) also brought in doughnuts (YUM!), the other ladies brought in a birthday cake, and I've heard rumors that evelyn brought in her homemade enchiladas for lunch.


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