Thursday, February 15, 2007

I was walking with a ghost

I figured it's been awhile so I should find something to post about again.... but I really can't think of anything exciting. work is still somewhat slightly depressing, but it's gotten a lot more normal I think now that people are realizing work still has to be done, and for quite awhile yet. church was canceled yet again last night, which was nice :-) I don't often get to have normal, relaxing evenings where I don't have to be anywhere or do anything in particular. I rather enjoyed it. I even had time to watch my tape of tuesday night's gilmore girls (which I had missed due to the sadness that was the UK/UT game).

Like I said, not a lot to say. I just realized that my desk calendar still says wednesday, but that's not really noteworthy. the snow has been refreshing, although not being able to get the key to turn in my car-lock wasn't fun yesterday. I now carry a lock de-icer thingey in my purse. I wonder if that would could also double for mace? (a question for the chemistry-minded of you out there...)

Okay. That's all for today.

1 comment:

nakolong said...

Was that pointed at me?

No I don't think lock deicer would make good mace. It's probably just some alcohol sort of stuff, so it would burn but it probably wouldn't have a very drastic effect.

Just kick them really hard. If they're male it should work. :P