Thursday, February 22, 2007

and summer faded into fall....

I've been slightly disappointed with myself for the lack of posting that's been going on lately. maybe I should be more disappointed with the lack of [interesting] things going on in my life. I'm mostly just keeping busy.... Mostly church. And working out. And stuff. They're not having Praise Band practice tonight at church, which means I get to go to spinning again tonight (I think that's a good thing?!)

Went to the LSU game Tuesday night with Heidi... that was fun :-) It was an exciting game to be a part of (even if it was the VERY TOP row.....) We had some good conversation, which is a good thing too. although getting to sleep at 1am probably wasn't the best thing I could do for myself this week. oh well.

I don't really feel like there's a lot else to say. life's still going on, my heart's still ticking, I'm not about to die from hypothermia (or already dead?! and seeing a blown-up guy?!?!) or anything, so I guess that's a good thing. although it's been so cold in our office this week that I feel like a little hypothermia isn't too far off... darn conference room.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

I was walking with a ghost

I figured it's been awhile so I should find something to post about again.... but I really can't think of anything exciting. work is still somewhat slightly depressing, but it's gotten a lot more normal I think now that people are realizing work still has to be done, and for quite awhile yet. church was canceled yet again last night, which was nice :-) I don't often get to have normal, relaxing evenings where I don't have to be anywhere or do anything in particular. I rather enjoyed it. I even had time to watch my tape of tuesday night's gilmore girls (which I had missed due to the sadness that was the UK/UT game).

Like I said, not a lot to say. I just realized that my desk calendar still says wednesday, but that's not really noteworthy. the snow has been refreshing, although not being able to get the key to turn in my car-lock wasn't fun yesterday. I now carry a lock de-icer thingey in my purse. I wonder if that would could also double for mace? (a question for the chemistry-minded of you out there...)

Okay. That's all for today.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

what do you say - it's up for grabs?

this past weekend was quite the busy experience. apparently this week is following suit, which explains why it's taken me until tuesday afternoon to type about the weekend. *sigh* (will I ever get a break? cuz I could really use one right about now. I feel like I'm at home about as much {or less!} than I was in my room my senior year of college. yeah. it's like that.)

let's see... Friday night was dinner with Bethany & JR and Ryan & Amanda at Logan's. hmmm.... brought back so many memories... of things like trying to convince Phillip not to steal the buckets of peanuts, throwing peanut shells down Coral's shirt, Coral tipping the table over on herself and making the cute waiter laugh... good times. Anyway, it was fun. JR can be about as ADD as Phillip, so sometimes we have to try to keep him calmed down too. After dinner I went mega-grocery shopping, which was a VERY good thing. I actually have food in my house. FO' REALZ! I have at least 2 cabinets that are COMPLETELY full. Which is a nice feeling. Being hungry is not all it's cracked up to be. So that was Friday.

Saturday started with Spinning Class at the gym @ 9ish (aren't you impressed?!?! me, at the gym, EARLY on saturday morning?!?!! seriously!). After the workout, Amanda and I went to breakfast (erm... brunch.......) at Panera :-) We were both procrastinating from going home for pretty much the same reason, so it was a nice, relaxing time. Yay for us.

I then went home and cleaned my house. (well, at least the downstairs. and the upstairs bathroom. we won't discuss the bedrooms.) I cleaned out Chico's living area, hand-mopped the floor in the downstairs bathroom, cleaned the sink/mirror/toilet/etc., mopped the kitchen/dining room floor, did all the dishes (even hand-washing some!!!), vaccuumed my living room floor, dusted, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, cleaned out/arranged the downstairs coat closet.... I'm telling you, this work-out stuff is good for my motivation. At least I'll pretend that's what it is.

Mary, Anna, Hsin, and Mary's 2 little girls came for a visit. We hung out at the house, then went to dinner at ChikFilA. mmmm! then we stopped by Amanda & Ryan's (w/ Bethany & JR) for a chat, and then they went back home to the hills. I stayed there and watched a chick flick with Amanda and Bethany while the boys watched some kind of boy movie in the other room. All I know is there was a bunch of loud yelling and gunshot sounds coming from in there. Found out some disturbing news, but don't yet feel at liberty to divulge at the moment. Just pray. Please. Pray.

Sunday morning was church, although the choir didn't sing at 8:30 again (w00t for sleeping in!!). Lunch at the 'rents, at which I received a check for $3,200. Don't worry, it's not mine to keep. But it was a nice feeling nonetheless :-).

Sunday afternoon, did a little more shopping for party foods and the like, then went home and made guacamole and got ready for the partay. YAY! Amanda, Ryan, & JR came over (I still can't call him Gary. too weird.....). The boys actually watched the game, while Amanda and I mostly ate food, talked, and ran in to watch the commercials. But we watched the end, so that should count for something, right?!?! Good times, WAY too much junk food, got to find a way to get the dog to stop humping the company. Rather embarrassing for all involved.

Dude, this has been a long post. So I guess I'll go now. And work. Since I'm supposed to be working. Since break's over now. Okay. Bye.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

why you should never let your coworkers know when you're turning 40....

My coworker Yvette is 40 today. I shall explain pictorially why you should never let people like me or my boss know when such an event is about to occur. Vette leaves at 4:30 each afternoon, while most of us don't leave until 5. Here is what transpired after 4:30 last night:

Then, after she got here this morning, some other *friends* within the company decided they wanted in on the decorating, so they helped out by doing this:

(that's yvette in the pictures... my favorite is the big *40* pin she has to wear all day. we couldn't get her to wear the crown, though)

good times. the bonus being my boss (vicky) also brought in doughnuts (YUM!), the other ladies brought in a birthday cake, and I've heard rumors that evelyn brought in her homemade enchiladas for lunch.