Thursday, November 30, 2006

me no like feel sick. yuk.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

off we go.....

goin' away to see the fam. my mom & I driving tonight to herrin... YAY for us! good times. good food. good family.

love ya'll.

laterz peepz!

Monday, November 20, 2006

went to friday night basketball game, we won (YAY!)

went to saturday football game, we won (double YAY!)

basketball was with heidi, good times.

football was with heidi, dr. spann's wife, and amanda.... gooood times. although cold times. as in freezing cold, butt frozen to the bleachers, walked 2 miles in the freezing cold.

mall & abuelo's afterwards w/ amanda.... too much good food. ama talked me into buying a book. good book. good times. I shall learn a lot. already have.

sunday, dinner at church. yum for turkey! hopefully won't have to come back early from illinois. anybody in lex wanna learn how to use powerpoint?! (erm... actually, mediashout. same diff, almost) here's hoping ashley will be around... g'ma would be disappointed. quite.

meeting at church tonight. then packing for trip tomorrow... YAY! except laundry. that's not so yay.

byes now.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

sleepy sleepy sleepy

huge company lunch. the turkey and the bourbon (the sauce! for the bread pudding. yes, I said that just for shock value. not that any of you are necessarily shocked. end) have done me in. I can hardly hold my head up. I wanna go home. but I'll be here for a long while yet... yay for me. you know, when code red doesn't even start to help, I think it's a lost cause. maybe I should go all out for the ale81.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ramble ramble ramble.

Read this book.

I'm still mulling over in my head the possibility of getting a second job for a few months next spring (after the holidays...) I'm just not sure I can come up with something that will allow for my schedule. Namely, the time spent at church. I would love to have a job that's just, oh, one night a week and Saturdays. Highly unlikely. But we shall see. Debt sucks, and I'd like to get rid of some of it. That would be fantabulous. If I could just have some kind of jump-start for awhile before I start school again, I think my life would be much better. On the flip side, I'm trying to ingrain in my head that if I keep waiting for life to get just a little better, before I know it my life will be over and done with. Trying to learn to enjoy the moment for what it is.... I've never really been a jealous person, mostly because I never had much and that was that. I didn't worry about it. Who needs stuff, right? I had my friends, and half of them were in the same boat I was. I'm doing my best not to fall into that trap. It would be so easy... but so wrong. And so BAD for me. I'm trying. And hey... thanks to a little fairy (erm... more like Jesus. but Jesus isn't a fairy. Just because I'm a Wesleyan doesn't mean I think Jesus is a fairy.) I don't have to worry about not having enough gas or not having anything to eat until my next payday (which should be a good one. yay) which is ALWAYS cool. life sucks, but it's good too. Too bad the roses already froze.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

so has anyone tried the new version of blogger? I'm always leary of things when they tell you that you can never go back......

Monday, November 13, 2006

just another manic monday....

however, the weekend was sweet.

Friday, movie at my house. (mary, :-( we missed you) bethany, amanda, ryan, & dave came over... good times. lots of wonderfully over-sweet foods. (YAY for cookies from new oven!) dave had to leave after about an hour, something about driving to ohio to watch his brother's last track meet. whatever :-) ryan left probably 45 min-1 hour after that, since he had to work early in the morning and he kept falling asleep on my couch. bethany & amanda & I ended up turning off the movie before it was over and talking.... and talking.... and talking.... and looking at pictures and yearbooks and whatnot... and talking.... and talking.... before we knew it it was 6am and almost time for JR to come home from work and Ryan to leave for work. I drove amanda home, and I'm sure you can imagine what the rest of the day looked like for me. I think I woke up around 11ish for maybe a half hour or so, and the next thing I knew it was about 6:30pm. nice way to spend a saturday. but the talking was good. (only an hour or so was terribly disturbing) bethany kept trying to get me to tell what JR & I used to talk about in Psychology, freshman year of college. and amanda kept laughing at her purely because bethany actually believed I'd spill. I would hope I'm more trustworthy than that... I realize they're married now and all, but if she needs to know what he told me about himself, she's gonna have to pry it from him. I gave my word. but anyway, it was a great night. I consumed enough chocolate cookies to gain 15 pounds. and that's not counting the mini cupcakes or the popcorn. (JUST KIDDING! I didn't eat popcorn. nasty stuff.) we'll have to do that again sometime. I forgot how much I miss real, serious *girl talk*. it was fun :-)

as for the rest of the weekend..... not much happened. watched random movie(s), went to church (where they're trying to con me into teaching one of the small group classes on wednesday night. we shall see.), went to see the 'rents for lunch (MMMMM!! CHILI!), that's about it. did laundry, watched the housewitches.

I'll stop rambling now. have a great day, peoples.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

my neck hurts today. not sure why. must've slept weird. (I know, me?!? for real, yo.)

just got out of long, boring meeting. but the fun thing about teleconferencing is making faces at your boss (sitting across the table from you) about the people in far-off lands.

I thought I had something profound to say today, but I guess I forgot. hm.

reading a great book. it just keeps getting better and better, pulling me in more and more. one nice thing about hour-long lunch breaks... sitting in your car, eating a burrito from taco bell, reading... and reading... and reading......

Bible study was great last night. we didn't even get to the lesson jim had prepared... we just talked, about all kinds of things we're faced with every day. it was so awesome.... sometimes it just helps to know other people are out there facing the same things you are, with the same doubts and fears and confusions and stuff. although I think in all the good times we were having I may have unwittingly volunteered myself to co-teach a theology-type class-thingey. could be VERY interesting. we'll see where that goes (hopefully nowhere................)

that was profound enough for one day.

congratulations, charles.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

beautiful wedding, beautiful bride....

These are from my cousin's wedding on October 14. Isn't she absolutely beautiful?!?

Friday, November 03, 2006


anybody have an ideas for excitingness for me to do this weekend? hmm? hmmmm? yeah, I couldn't think of much.

I am so incredibly sleepy right now. can.... baaarrreeelly..... staaaaaaaayyyyy....... awwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeee.................

have a good one.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"I need to go put on my bonnet."

So halloween was kinda fun... I spent the evening (after my little jaunt around the east end of town... trying to find new, creative ways to get home from work isn't always such a good idea. especially when you end up in *da hood* on halloween night during almost dark time) handing out candy to the most adorable little kids in the most adorable little costumes. During this time I learned something: my doorbell isn't very loud. especially when I'm in the kitchen frying up onions and peppers and chicken for my fajitas. 2nd thing I learned: my sour cream is moldy. I could have SWORN that I just bought a new container last week. 3rd thing: eating fajitas with ranch dressing designed for buffalo wings isn't as nasty as it could sound, but nothing compares to sour cream (it's the best!)

around 7:30ish Bethany & JR came over with wings from hooters. (hence the ranch dressing) I finished frying things, and we had a good time eating food and handing out candy and watching last week's gilmore girls (this week was a rerun. BOO!!!!!!) Good times. I think they were going to leave soon after that, but JR & I ended up getting in an hour-long *conversation* (debate, argument, what have you) over... let's see. taxes, the economy in general, china, vietnam, the war in iraq, military strategy, and the value of one human life over another. among other things. Bethany mostly stood there and made sure *we still loved each other* and didn't raise our voices. I think we scared her a little. hence the bonnet theory. which actually probably isn't a bad idea.

overslept this morning. actually, instead of hitting the snooze at 6:30, I turned the alarm clock off. which made for happy times when I managed to wake back up at 7:20. poor chico.

church tonight... busyness with stuff in general as well as cantata preparation.

still crazy times at work. no earthly how I'll actually get all this done in the next week or so.

I could really use a venti caramel macchiato with at least ONE extra shot. mmmm... it's free to dream, right?