Monday, November 20, 2006

went to friday night basketball game, we won (YAY!)

went to saturday football game, we won (double YAY!)

basketball was with heidi, good times.

football was with heidi, dr. spann's wife, and amanda.... gooood times. although cold times. as in freezing cold, butt frozen to the bleachers, walked 2 miles in the freezing cold.

mall & abuelo's afterwards w/ amanda.... too much good food. ama talked me into buying a book. good book. good times. I shall learn a lot. already have.

sunday, dinner at church. yum for turkey! hopefully won't have to come back early from illinois. anybody in lex wanna learn how to use powerpoint?! (erm... actually, mediashout. same diff, almost) here's hoping ashley will be around... g'ma would be disappointed. quite.

meeting at church tonight. then packing for trip tomorrow... YAY! except laundry. that's not so yay.

byes now.

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