Monday, November 13, 2006

just another manic monday....

however, the weekend was sweet.

Friday, movie at my house. (mary, :-( we missed you) bethany, amanda, ryan, & dave came over... good times. lots of wonderfully over-sweet foods. (YAY for cookies from new oven!) dave had to leave after about an hour, something about driving to ohio to watch his brother's last track meet. whatever :-) ryan left probably 45 min-1 hour after that, since he had to work early in the morning and he kept falling asleep on my couch. bethany & amanda & I ended up turning off the movie before it was over and talking.... and talking.... and talking.... and looking at pictures and yearbooks and whatnot... and talking.... and talking.... before we knew it it was 6am and almost time for JR to come home from work and Ryan to leave for work. I drove amanda home, and I'm sure you can imagine what the rest of the day looked like for me. I think I woke up around 11ish for maybe a half hour or so, and the next thing I knew it was about 6:30pm. nice way to spend a saturday. but the talking was good. (only an hour or so was terribly disturbing) bethany kept trying to get me to tell what JR & I used to talk about in Psychology, freshman year of college. and amanda kept laughing at her purely because bethany actually believed I'd spill. I would hope I'm more trustworthy than that... I realize they're married now and all, but if she needs to know what he told me about himself, she's gonna have to pry it from him. I gave my word. but anyway, it was a great night. I consumed enough chocolate cookies to gain 15 pounds. and that's not counting the mini cupcakes or the popcorn. (JUST KIDDING! I didn't eat popcorn. nasty stuff.) we'll have to do that again sometime. I forgot how much I miss real, serious *girl talk*. it was fun :-)

as for the rest of the weekend..... not much happened. watched random movie(s), went to church (where they're trying to con me into teaching one of the small group classes on wednesday night. we shall see.), went to see the 'rents for lunch (MMMMM!! CHILI!), that's about it. did laundry, watched the housewitches.

I'll stop rambling now. have a great day, peoples.


maremoo99 said...


i got your message saturday morning. sometimes i don't get voice/text messages until a day later.

for some reason i thought that it was this friday. i could have sworn you said the 17th. :(

don't hate me :(

maremoo99 said...

of course, i don't know any of those people you mentioned. it could have been slightly awkward as i don't do well with new people.

i mean, do you remember how long it took me to warm up to you and coral?