Saturday, January 19, 2008

...Let it be stagnation of the mind.

I have come to the conclusion that certain parts of my life could very easily be made into a sitcom or comedic movie of some sort. I mean, really, who couldn't envision Grace Adler resorting to climbing on her 50-something landlord's back and using a crowbar to break into her own house? Or Rachel Green getting finger nail polish spots on the nice wood floors (right before Monica comes home from work)? Or Bridget Jones forgetting her gloves at home and having to clean the snow and ice off her car in negative-degree weather without them and therefore coming down with a mild case of frostbite and/or hypothermia? And we will not even begin to talk about how my work life is so crazy-more hilarious than any episode of the office ever dreamed of being... (I'll withhold the details about that one to protect the not-so-innocent.) And that's only the beginning of the circus that is my life.... Although there are also many aspects that aren't quite so *glamorous*... Meredith Grey never seems to have to worry about dry skin or snow shoveling or dish-washing or a cranky old dog. But I guess that such is the reality that we call life....

So what else is going on my life of late, you ask? (Or maybe you don't, either way I'm going to tell you a little. Provided you continue to read on...)

Mostly, work. The crazy hours I've put in lately have left little time and energy for much else. They keep telling me that it will get better, that once all this gets into some semblence of regular order things will get back to normal. And most of the time I believe them. Mostly because I see the ratio of the craziness to normalcy almost directly correlated to the unknowns that are still being found throughout this process. And it is getting better... I actually had a chance to work on things this week that I've been supposed to have been working on since I started, but have not as yet really been able to, thanks yet again to the craziness. And I found that I enjoyed it... Another realization that has been flowing through my mind again lately (maybe a re-realization?!) is that, I am sure due primarily to the environment in which I was raised, I have to always be learning. When I get to the point in a job or endeavor in my life when I am not learning anymore, I get bored. And unhappy. I would much rather take the craziness and with it constant learning and increased understanding than a steady and stable but un-mentally-stimulating and tired monotony. I have to keep learning, growing, stretching myself. Maybe it is just the point in my life where I am, but somehow I doubt it. Learning has always been a part of my life, and I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Now I'm about to go learn about what a cold whopper tastes like. Have a wonderful weekend.