Thursday, November 09, 2006

my neck hurts today. not sure why. must've slept weird. (I know, me?!? for real, yo.)

just got out of long, boring meeting. but the fun thing about teleconferencing is making faces at your boss (sitting across the table from you) about the people in far-off lands.

I thought I had something profound to say today, but I guess I forgot. hm.

reading a great book. it just keeps getting better and better, pulling me in more and more. one nice thing about hour-long lunch breaks... sitting in your car, eating a burrito from taco bell, reading... and reading... and reading......

Bible study was great last night. we didn't even get to the lesson jim had prepared... we just talked, about all kinds of things we're faced with every day. it was so awesome.... sometimes it just helps to know other people are out there facing the same things you are, with the same doubts and fears and confusions and stuff. although I think in all the good times we were having I may have unwittingly volunteered myself to co-teach a theology-type class-thingey. could be VERY interesting. we'll see where that goes (hopefully nowhere................)

that was profound enough for one day.

congratulations, charles.

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