Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"I need to go put on my bonnet."

So halloween was kinda fun... I spent the evening (after my little jaunt around the east end of town... trying to find new, creative ways to get home from work isn't always such a good idea. especially when you end up in *da hood* on halloween night during almost dark time) handing out candy to the most adorable little kids in the most adorable little costumes. During this time I learned something: my doorbell isn't very loud. especially when I'm in the kitchen frying up onions and peppers and chicken for my fajitas. 2nd thing I learned: my sour cream is moldy. I could have SWORN that I just bought a new container last week. 3rd thing: eating fajitas with ranch dressing designed for buffalo wings isn't as nasty as it could sound, but nothing compares to sour cream (it's the best!)

around 7:30ish Bethany & JR came over with wings from hooters. (hence the ranch dressing) I finished frying things, and we had a good time eating food and handing out candy and watching last week's gilmore girls (this week was a rerun. BOO!!!!!!) Good times. I think they were going to leave soon after that, but JR & I ended up getting in an hour-long *conversation* (debate, argument, what have you) over... let's see. taxes, the economy in general, china, vietnam, the war in iraq, military strategy, and the value of one human life over another. among other things. Bethany mostly stood there and made sure *we still loved each other* and didn't raise our voices. I think we scared her a little. hence the bonnet theory. which actually probably isn't a bad idea.

overslept this morning. actually, instead of hitting the snooze at 6:30, I turned the alarm clock off. which made for happy times when I managed to wake back up at 7:20. poor chico.

church tonight... busyness with stuff in general as well as cantata preparation.

still crazy times at work. no earthly how I'll actually get all this done in the next week or so.

I could really use a venti caramel macchiato with at least ONE extra shot. mmmm... it's free to dream, right?

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