Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I really shouldn't complain, but...

apparently spinning makes my knee hurt. go figure. I'm actually less sore than I thought I would be.... I'm just proud of myself for making it through all 45 minutes. although amanda is the real hero, cuz she actually did the standing up part (erm... jogging) for as long as she was supposed to, all five times. I don't think I ever made it for more than a minute and a half at a time. but it was a great workout :-) YAY FOR ME!

there's a guy whose office is down the way who sneezes JUST like my dad. kinda freaks me out. it's not even so much of a sneeze as a combination cough-yell-whinny. gosh, I haven't typed that word in years. but anyway, yeah, it's weird.

I think a bath in alcohol (the RUBBING kind, duh!) is in order for this evening. work out some of this knee soreness.

I'm thinking about having some kind of wannabe superbowl party this weekend. funny how nobody who reads this is in my area code (or very few, anyway) but I think it would be fun. the girls who don't care about football (um, that would be all of us) can hang out in the kitchen after the first 5 minutes and talk and eat food. while the boysnesses can watch the game, undisturbed by us chicas and our incessant questions and talking.

we'll see.

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