Monday, January 29, 2007

:( & :)


on a happy note: NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I'll post a picture later. I think I'm going to name this car. any suggestions? I've never really named a car before.... at least, I don't think *the gay-mobile* counts. I think my last car should've been named *the crapmobile*. or *paul miller sucks*. either one would have been appropriate. but everything is done and taken care of, no more worries for me!! (at least on that end of things....)

amanda & I went to a *spinning* orientation class at the gym yesterday. I now have what I believed the lady (aka crazy work-out biotch) called *saddle-soreness*. all I know is that things (people, animals, what have you) with pelvic bones should not attempt what we attempted without a cushioned seat.

and yet I'm going back tomorrow to do it all over again. glutton for punishment, you say? hopefully someday it will all be worth it. in the mean time I'll just be popping ibuprofen, thank you very much.

that's about it. had our joint service w/ the korean congregation at church yesterday (read: lots of interpreting I didn't understand, good food, and kimchi. notice I do not classify kimchi as good food). Yoonie was there... YAY!!! made me think of the good old days.

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