Friday, January 19, 2007

let's talk.

wow.... two posts in one week. you should be proud. not to be confused with the TWO different posts on my xanga! wow. I'm becoming such a blogger. although those of you who post every day make me feel like a slacker. mostly I post when nobody else has written anything exciting and I still have time left on my break and I'm bored. (my secret's out......)

I feel like there aren't any good discussions on blogger anymore. hence, I am going to type up a few items that may (or may not) be of interest.... feel free to comment as you wish. and no, this isn't really a plea for people to leave comments on my blog to make me feel better about myself... I've finally been able to separate my self-worth from blog comments. this is just to make something interesting to read. because we all need a little mental stimulation every once in awhile. (bad coral - I know where thine thoughts leadest thou) these are a little random, some tvish, some politicsish, some just plain weird. pick one.

discussion topics:

if you were to become a millionaire, what would be the very first thing you would do?

will preston and christina ever talk to each other again?

should we go to a national sales tax rather than federal income tax?

which is better: mountain dew or ale81?

was simon wrong to say that guy with the big eyes looked like a lemur? (aka bush baby)

do you think lindsay lohan should go to jail for documented cases of underage drinking and drug use?

if you could choose a famous person to be president, who would it be and why?

what of lorelai and luke?

should I shave my head?

okay. that's enough for today. bye.

1 comment:

Nakiru said...

i'm only going to touch on two of these, starting with the last. No. resounding no. don't shave your head.

on the topic of burke/christina.
yes, they will, but they will always be just a little more broken (oh, wait, don't you think that the whole baby/abortion/miscarriage thing should already have sent their relationship to hell in a pink cadillac convertible on the express freeway?) i love that show, and i don't know's so...girly. and as has been pointed out so many times recently, i'm just not that girly. *sigh*

alright. back to my little homemaker role. ;-)