Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Being drawn in further over my head...........

This has been the absolute longest week ever. Haven't I worked at least five days this week already?!? grrr.
Tried to talk Amanda into spinning tonight... don't think that's gonna happen. But walking will be good :) Maybe the arboretum again?! Just as long as I don't have to be seen in public in my bicycle shorts...... But studying MUST begin happening again. ABSOLUTELY MUST. Because even if I don't go back to school right away, I need to go ahead and get the GMAT done and over with. grrrrrrrrrrr. ¡No me gusta los ex├ímenes!
I'm in the mood for some good fried mexican food. Which will NOT help the diet in any way, shape, or form... mmm, grease!
So Lynette and I have taken to counting down the minutes for the last hour of work. I'm not sure it helps, but I like to pretend it does.
Okay, I really should go now. It's taken me nearly an hour to type this with all the interruptions... (geez, you'd think I was at work or something!!!)
Later, y'all.

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