Thursday, April 05, 2007

... easy like Sunday mornin'........

I really should post here more often. Oh well.

I totally missed out on the fact that choir practice was canceled last night. Newsflash: Standing in front of your church trying to get into 10 different locked doors can be embarassing. Okay, so it was more like 7. I'm just glad nobody was around. I think............

Yesterday was the longest day ever. I kept thinking it was time for work to be OVER, but then I'd look at the clock and realize I still had another hour and a half. ERRGHTK. I hate those days. And then I kept dropping things

HOWEVER, I greatly enjoyed the vegetarian sandwich-thingey at Jimmy John's last night. This was my first adventure into Jimmy John's world. I think I shall return.

Not much of consequence to say today... Still waiting to hear back from *the people*. Or rather, *the man*. My future hangs in the balance......

*Lenten* cantata is Friday night... if you're in the area, come. Should be a good time. Especially with the harp. Gotta love the harp.

Oh crap... I just got an email. I could find out sooner than I thought.

I'll keep you all posted.... I know I've said this a lot lately, but please keep praying.

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