Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the little things, together they add up.

I've decided to move around some furniture this evening... For those of you who know or care, my blue chair is now in my bedroom. I'm going to be moving my big white bookcase into the living room where the chair was, whenever I decide to be motivated again.

Today it was cold. On Monday, the temperature here was 87 degrees. Today, the high was supposed to be 53. I think it hit that about noon... by the time I went to walk w/ the accounting peoples in the afternoon, it was absolutely frigid. and windy and spitting rain. I was wearing a relatively thick sweater and a jacket, and my teeth were chattering the whole way around the building. I don't think my body is liking the 45-degree temperature change in 3 days... I'm not feeling too good tonight. Maybe I just caught J's ickyness. Either way, I just wanna sleep. I think I'm just exhausted.

Maybe tomorrow I won't be at work through all the daylight hours. My back yard is going to turn into a massive jungle if I don't mow it again soon... But somehow I don't think the rain tomorrow is going to help. Or the working 11 hours.

I'm going to eat ice cream now.

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