Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Will U. Waite, Mate?

I absolutely LOVE the new *Books* and *iRead* applications on facebook. I think I like the *Books* one better, mostly b/c you can rate it, put your comments and actually tell when you read it. Although at my level of mental stability, sometimes it's hard to remember such things as what months I've read what books. I'm having a hard time remembering what books I've read in the last 2 months, let alone ones older. I like the *iRead* app mostly b/c on it, I can just add and add and add books quite easily and not have to worry about typing anything. (Needless to say the list is already cumbersome) Between the two of them, I could spend hours looking up books and such.

Speaking of, I went into the library the other day to renew my overdue books (I think the library has made enough money off of me to open up another wing, if not a whole new branch). Although! quick note... I wasn't as overdue this month, b/c there is a wonderful thing called library elf that emails you BEFORE your books are due, rather than after they've already switched their status to *overdue* and you owe them lots of money, as the library websites do. It's a wonderful thing. But I digress... I went to renew a couple books (including dear old GMAT, whom I've had for several months now) and maybe pick out another one or two. Did I only get 1 or 2? NO. I now have 12. TWELVE. Although since then I found one book that I've been looking for the last month or so, which is a good thing. Now, this was on Saturday... I've already finished 2 books (granted, they were small - the 1st two Narnia books, which I am ashamed to say I'd never read before), and am almost through with the 3rd (yes, Coral, it was another Lori Wick). I'm also excited to read the 11th stephanie plum book... I've been waiting for awhile to read it. I know it's been out for a long time, but I hate reading a book when I know I can't read the one that comes after it b/c it hasn't been written yet, or at least published. So now that JE is onto the 13th, I think I'm ready for the 11th :-) Yes, I know I'm weird. I'm also excited to read Till We Have Faces. So it is happily sitting in the stack. I have another book which I finally checked out so I can FINALLY finish the series, even though I haven't really liked it that much. It's the kind of book I would have read and liked in high school, but its lack of literary beauty is just annoying now. I also have another Grisham and a book that I've never heard of before by an author I've never heard of before, Elif Shafak. We'll see how those go.

Enough of my Corella-inspired book talk. There are other things I'd like to discuss, but this isn't the venue. But exciting things are afoot...

Is it weird that I've had lots of people spending the night with me lately? Hsin and Chris; Jay and Amber + family, Mary.... And then there was the Memorial Day partay and the spontaneous movie night on Saturday.... Is there some reason for the sudden interest in my life and house, or do people really just like me? Or, morely likely yet, is it b/c it's summertime and I'm a stopping point in people's journeys to other places, like Italy and Taiwan and Wilmore? Hmm, things to ponder...

Anyway, I'm going to go now. I hope you all have a happy day.

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