Friday, June 22, 2007

A little unwell...

Woohoo! It's Friday! :)
This has been one of the longest weeks I've endured in awhile. Possibly b/c last Friday I took off the whole day, and the week before that I took of half a day on Friday.
NAAAHHHHHH!! That can't be the reason :)
I feel like I have a bazillion things to do and places to be in the next little while, but I keep forgetting when I need to be places and what things I have to do. And then after thinking about it, I realized I don't really have anything I have to do this weekend, or any plans set in stone. (well, other than Wilmore Camp Meeting on Sunday night...) Kinda nice :)
But then the CRAZINESS hits... Monday night I have VBS at church, and Tuesday morning I fly out at an ungodly hour up to Chicago. Brian & I are going to be in McHenry going over some integration-type things for all of Tuesday, and Wednesday we have a Finance Conference-thingey for all of the Follett divisions. Yay for us. And then I come back on Thursday... Friday night is more VBS (I think), Saturday morning is practicing w/ Orville, Roberta & Tammy, and the madness continues from there....
I need a nap. Or perhaps an ice skating? Or chocolate. Or something.
About the deeper platitudes of life... I have no thoughts today. Maybe I should, but right now I don't. I watched a few minutes of the first Deuce Bigalow last night on USA or some crazy station like that... that was disturbing. I had chinese for lunch.. .YAY for Kung Pao! Or was it something else? I don't remember. But it was good.
My friend L from work just told me that I'm so creative, I'll be a tough zombie someday. Should that bother me?
R a m b l e
R a m b l e
Want to know what creativeness inspired her insights into my future zombie-ness? She is leaving work an hour before me today, and she was commenting on how she only had 30 more minutes before she got to go home (while I still had an hour).
I leave you with my response:


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Nakiru said...

wait, you smoke?

so, i have this kid who won't leave me alone about his grade. he failed my class and won't stop arguing about it, and now he's taking it to a higher plain and bringing it to one of my professors. I am NOT happy about this, and i feel frustrated, because he failed, end of story.
blah. just thought i'd share.