Thursday, September 21, 2006

the sun'll come out for another day...

I am now going to create a post made entirely up of my part of emails to a certain someone I've taken to emailing while at work. It will be completely and totally random. be prepared. (as I hum the lion king song in my head.....)

[commence the copy/pasting]

okay, so how sucky is it that house and Gilmore girls are on at the same time now?!?!

I think I need to start drinking more caffeine in the morning. it may be bad for me, but it keeps me ready for my job. which is a good thing. [edit-removal of personalness] I think I’m going to go back for my master’s next fall, which will also take me FOREVER. so I hear ya. I’m going to have to buy some tapes and reprogram my VCR. now comes the decision of, should I tape House and watch Gilmore Girls, or tape Gilmore Girls and watch House?! it’s the big decisions in life that are the toughest.

I would really like to go to UK. I would most likely get my MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) hopefully with some sort of emphasis in accounting/finance. It would take me either 2 or 3 years, depending on how much I hate myself and I am willing to give up any semblance of a social life. They suggest taking only 2 classes a semester and therefore making it be a 3-year program. I would like to get it done and over with and take 3 a semester, but I don’t know if I’m up for that anymore or not. *sigh*

Coffee is my friend. As long as it’s good coffee, I could drink it all day long. Hot, iced, IV, whatever form you got it in. I am like Lorelai in this way. If I was a rich woman I would invest half my money in starbucks and build one attached to my house and drink it every morning. and every night (decaf, of course……)

School was okay while it lasted, but I was expecting to be done with it. I can see myself having some kind of a nervous breakdown for trying to do too much, too. which would result in more of the caffeine/sugar/chocolate habit. and a sharp increase in the purchase of ale8. we’ll see….

[when asked how I am doing today:]
well, seeing as how I was quite the industrialist this morning and actually made coffee for myself, and then drank a whole bunch of kool-aid at lunch, I now have to pee like a russian racehorse. now, I know you were waiting ALL DAY to hear that about me. and I’m just glad I could be the fulfillment of your dreams.

on another note, I think I have paper-cut myself about 80 times in the last 2 days. I’m usually pretty good at hurting myself like that, but these seem to be the days for the marathon accidental self-mutilation. I was disheartened today when a friend of mine told me they met someone who reminded them of me when that person kept dropping things and falling out of her chair. oh, the legacy I leave.

it seems that caffeine and sugar make me slightly more irrational than usual. oooo-that was profound. I should put it on my blog.


I know that this post was probably confusing and something you didn't really wish to know about me, but since you've made it this far, you get the gold star for the day. mostly because I'm impressed that you would actually take the time to read something as disjointed as my mind's ramblings for the day. (actually, the last 2 days) I was originally only going to put my profound moment in this entry, but I figured, what the heck? why should only one person get to read my random wonderfulness? and now that you have vowed to yourself that you will never read another of my blogs again, I leave you. mostly cuz I know that I'm too addictive to ignore. (um... don't take that at more than face value) like I said, more irrational......

ps~~the weather is freakin awesome. why can't it be fall all year round?!

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