Thursday, September 14, 2006

an astronaut? or perhaps an elephant herder?


my happy friend from pretty much all my life, the Midget :-), is coming in today. (actually, she came in last night... but I get to see her today.) YAY!! We're having lunch. at the mall. and then we're going to go buy naughty gifts for ex-nurse-roomie. oh wait... that sounds wrong. she's still a nurse. just no longer my roomie :-( I'm back to the singleness again. my bachelorette pad could use some serious work. but I regress.

YAY for Midget-ex-roomie! It's been so long... what, since february/march?! crazy... I remember the days when we never went more than a day not seeing each other. of course, those were also the days that my greatest hobbies were splashing in the creek and climbing the tree in front of her house. yes, at one point in my life I was a little tomboyish. but not so much as she. but that's a different story. speaking of, when I visited their house last winter or whenever that was, I found that the snake we skinned in 7th grade is still proudly hanging in their office/spare bedroom. or maybe it was in that bathroom. don't remember. but cool. oh, the memories.

it's nice to remember fun childhood memories. talking for hours about what we thought we would be when we grew up.... where we thought we would go and all the things we wanted to do. good times.

I'll stop now before the teary-eyedness gets overwhelming. Have a happy day, ya'll. and know that I'm having an awesome one! (erm... at least for lunch. who knows about the rest)

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