Monday, September 18, 2006


my coworkers insist on keeping it so chilly in our office that my fingers will hardly type because they're so numb. MUST find jacket in box craziness at home!!

A gloriously beautiful wedding took place this weekend. YAY for little bertha & RV!! it will be nice to have yet another couple of my back-home homeys living within 5 minutes of my place. Good times, lots of embarrassment with the presentation of the *honeymoon basket* at applebee's (almost as much as taking sonya to purchase components of said basket. I'm so evil) but seriously, she was absolutely gorgeous. perfect dress, perfect hair, perfect veil, perfect skin, perfect makeup... she was by far one of the most beautiful brides I've seen yet. (as ama would concur) if and when I get ahold of some pictures (my camera is still AWOL) I'll post some somewhere. good luck guessing which blog.

I think I've officially decided to go back to school next fall. yay for me (sarcastic drippingness) now if I can just figure out what to do about the job situation, I'll be doing okay.

poor doggy has eye issue. like it's swollen and he squints most of the time and it waters all the time. poor puppy. if I could just afford to take him to the vet my world would be better.


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