Tuesday, August 29, 2006

workness and boxes.

so this whole posting in 3 different places is getting to be a little confusing. oh well.

got together with the fam and my dad's cousin's daughter and her husband (who have apparently been living in wilmore for 2 years, we just didn't know it)... slightly awkward (met her twice before..... many moons ago) but otherwise pretty cool. and may I just say, I really do love the *Circuit Rider* from solomon's porch. kinda sad... I've been there more times since I've graduated than I ever did while I was actually in wilmore. but anyway, good times, good peoples, and free food. what more could you ask for.

afterwards, stopped by the dorm (weirdness) to visit with heidi for a few.... gosh, sometimes I feel SO old. I remember the day she was born. (granted, I was only 5...)

hopefully tonight I'll have time to unpack some more. yay for me.

meeting in a half hour that I'm totally unprepared for. which totally wasn't my fault. but it's with corporate people. who intimidate me.

I so should have had the presence of mind (and cash?!) to get a caramel macchiato this morning. I could have used it. although I have finally broken into and started using the tea that corella left in my apartment FOREVER ago. today I'm having the lemon lover's thingeymabob. not too bad, once you get enough sugar in it :-)


Nakiru said...

my goodness, what do you think i am, your tea *edited for small ears, such as mine*? honestly, using stuff i left at your place over 2 years ago. what's that?

Buffina said...

well, I finally figured out that after two years you weren't coming back to get it. so I may as well at least try it. so anyway, tell your mom thanks for me!