Thursday, August 17, 2006


so yesterday while I was at work my dog managed to find the one piece of chocolate that hadn't been unpacked and was apparently sitting within his reach, to eat it, and to regurgitate it back up all over the carpet in my room and roomie's room. now that you're completely disgusted, on to happier things.

the fake mocha fusion caffe latte stuff I'm drinking this morning is disgusting. so I guess that isn't really a happier thing.

my neck is stiff today. hurts like a... really stiff neck. *sigh*

my stuffed lightening bug sitting on top of my monitor fell over and is now laying drunkily upside down. her name is edie and she has a light bulb on her butt. she's not as fun as my smurf. (thanks, friend)

break's over.


mary mead said...

chocolate is bad for animals. i figured that out when i let my bird eat some chocolate cake...

big mistake.

Buffina said...

umm... is it still alive?

Nakiru said...

yay for smurfs!! (and the fact that i now have a cord for my computer again!!)

Nakiru said...

hehe. i just realized that your profile says that you like tegan and sara - i'm such a terrible influence. next thing you know, you'll be picking out lesbian bands on your own. :-D