Tuesday, August 22, 2006

watch out for the 3-leaved tyrant

poison ivy. it's not a fun thing. it has quite a presence in my new back yard. and now on me.

I've made it what, 3 years? without getting it? *sigh*.... I was hoping I had grown out of that allergy or something.

fat chance.

I need chocolate SO MUCH right now. a nap would be nice, too, but chocolate is the deal-breaker.

I would like to now thank the three of you who read this blog for stopping by. I know I'm not really that interesting via computer screen. but I love you for reading me anyway.

1 comment:

Nakiru said...

reminds me of a song by the Bravery,
"violent ties with hands like a steeple/tell me lies with a tongue like a needle." the song's called tyrant. that's why i thought it. you know. nevermind.