Thursday, August 10, 2006


I really need to get my butt in gear and start unpacking more boxes. it's getting ridiculous. I'm sure I'm driving the roomie crazy. I seem to be good at that.

saturday is *former students' day* at the old high school alma-mater. the real mater is going with me.... yes, I know that makes me weird. but it will be good to be home again.... it's been awhile. and now that I have people there that will let me crash on their couch from time to time, hopefully it will happen a little more often. we'll see....

nurse-roomie told me a story about her and her fiancé going through the cave at natural bridge yesterday. reminds me of a time when I led a previous roomie through..... good times. (although I don't think former-roomie would say as much) nurse-roomie couldn't understand how you'd go through without a flashlight, either. (*what, did you think there would be windows?!*) all I have to say is, quoting the infamous blond lawyer-to-be,

*What, like it's hard?*


Jess said...

True ..... sad that it's almost time for school to start :( Where did you move? Are you closer to me? I start classes Sept 4th but I'll be up in Lex Sept 1st.

Jess said... haha I have my own blogger!

Buffina said...

yay for blogger! I'd like to take bethany out to atomic cafe again. we totally should get together. let me know when you'll be around.

Nakiru said...

hey, it was dark, and it was scary.
caves are dark!

Buffina said...

umm... I guess I always thought that was kind of the point :-)

but hey, there's a memory you'll be able to tell your grandkids about the times you lived in the wilds of Kentucky and all the stuff your crazy roomie talked you into doing :P