Monday, December 18, 2006


apryl doesn't have a brain tumor... it's either an inner ear infection or MS. so prayers would still be appreciated.

grandpa is out of the hospital and doing fine :-) apparently it was a one-time thing that should be over with now. YAY!

I'm counting down the hours until wednesday.... not because I want to go to michigan, but because I'm ready for a break from work. YAY for me!

I spent all day saturday babysitting. tiffany pulled out a bunch of pictures from when she was a baby. makes me feel sooooo incredibly old.... seriously, I've been babysitting her (and her siblings) since she was a couple weeks old. she was telling me this weekend about her BOYFRIEND. all about how she went to the 5th grade dance last year with a boy named eric, who isn't exactly hott but is kinda cute in an 11-year-old way, and how they're dating now, and her mom thinks he's a nice boy so she's okay with them dating, and all kinds of other stuff. wtf?!?!! we won't mention how old I was when I started dating, but let me tell you, it wasn't anywhere near 11. I was 13 when this child was born... and I remember it like yesterday. so unreal. it was good to spend some time with the youngest (he's 2), since I haven't had as much opportunity to take care of him. he's so adorable and sweet... and in love with Cars (*trucks!*)

I ate mexican food yesterday. at jalapeƱos. it's been a really long time. SOOOOO good. church was busy as always, but I must say, the praise band ROCKED yesterday. so awesome. I was impressed.

and now for a story to tell you a little about my morning:

So… they’re working on replacing the roof right now… directly over our heads. we’ve been hearing really loud bangs all day long, sounding like they’re about to fall through the roof on top of us. A couple minutes ago, there was a really loud bang right over top of me, and the cover for the fluorescent light directly over my head (the big ones with 3 long bulb in them) came off three of the 4 hinges holding it up. It was dangling about 1-2 feet over my head by one little hook-thingey. Scared me to DEATH!! I think I jumped about a foot out of my chair, and flung my arms up in the air (like that would have really helped… apparently my reflexes are a little slow) If that hook hadn’t held, I would now be on the way to the hospital with a concussion and huge gash running down the middle of my head. Yay for worker’s comp!

Needless to say, I’m a little jumpy now. especially since they’re still making really loud bangs. right over my head. hopefully the actual bulbs don’t fall out… that could really be fun.

I can’t ever say my life has no excitement.

like last night when I burned my lip with a match. but that was my fault.

please don't ask how I burned myself on the lip with a match. just know that it hurt.

I've been having a lot of bad luck lately, it seems. last week I was baking *hello dolly* (the special hindman/kinnell 7-layer bars) and my pyrex dish collapsed in the oven. I'll be cleaning out glass for a very long time. and burned sweetened condensed milk. about ruined the pumpkin bread, too.

this has been a long post. so I'll go now. if I don't post again before then, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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