Tuesday, December 05, 2006

good morning.

my weekend was filled with sickness and choir practice. and church. that's pretty much it. although getting the new phone was pretty much awesome. it's always fun to have a new toy :-) although I learned that it is a lot more time-consuming to IM that way. but still totally cool. and the fact that it was free makes my world an infinitely happier place.

my coworker Charles keeps *informing* me every time Terry's phone rings. like I'm deaf and can't hear it? like I'm supposed to answer it? I don't know the answers to all the crazy customer questions about prebills and prepays and all that jazz.

coworker L. quit last week. it's much calmer now. new sub-department already forming - yay.

we're having a *practice-run* for our cantata tonight at the Kentucky Methodist Children's Home (I almost typed *menthodist* - is that like mentholated methodists?) It should be fun. we're not having the fancy orchestra there, though, but it will still be good. I'm sure the kids will enjoy it.

I heard someone on the radio yesterday morning say that when you have a cold, it feels like there is a fuzzy sock wrapped around your brain that you have to try to fight through to think about anything or figure out what's going on. That's how I feel today.

My fuzzy sock and I will go back to work now. Adieu.

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