Monday, October 23, 2006

yep, it was frozen.

crazy, short, incredibly random weekend... the wedding was interesting, to say the least. nothing like a groom being 15 minutes late for his own wedding ;-)

note to all: I'm done with weddings for awhile. this weekend made 5 since may. if you want to get married, and you want me to be there, please wait until after the first of the year. and more than 2 weeks' notice would be nice, too.

the best part of the weekend.... CORELLA!!! (or insert other random nickname here) ooo... that could be a fun post... try to see how many nicknames for the reefer we could come up with (ones that already exist, not new ones). I betcha there would be several to choose from. ANYHOO.... it was really great to see ya, chica. I apologize (again!) for the terrible timing, but hopefully the kentucky ale (no, not the alcoholic kind.....) made up for it. applebee's was great.... and if I had had enough energy and non-sleepiness, we could've probably come up with some more songs to evilitate. next time? good talks. I'm excited!!!! YAY!!! I love you, babe.

another note: no more travelling for me for awhile. too many states, too little time. and the tolls suck. but it's been fun, anyway. I just need some calmness for awhile.

okay, back to work. wish me luck.

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nakolong said...

Sorry we were all a little spastic when you were around. You should come around some time when the brother hasn't just arrived and then maybe we'll actually pay attention to you.

It was good to see you for the short few minutes though!