Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is that even a word?

I feel very typative today. Probably because I have been very diligent at work all day (ALL DAY!! SERIOUSLY!) and now would like to type out random thoughts and such. Not really in a talkative mood, per se, therefore the conception of my new word: Typative. I was contemplating whether or not there should be an *e* between the *p* and the *a*, but I came to the conclusion that *typeative* was too log and looked more like a type of moss than a word having to do with typing. That and *typing* doesn't have an *e*. I was not intending to spend this entire post talking about my new creation, but, well.... refer to first sentence. Typativeness does not care about subject matter; it only cares about typing. I've used a lot of *s in this post. Kinda like my parenthetical problem.

I really should get back to work now. But I have been entirely too diligent and motivated for only one day. Which means that tonight, when I should be packing and doing laundry and going to church and choir practice and preparing my house for company and giving chico a bath and all that jazz, I will be totally unmotivated and undiligent (my coworker Charles said that isn't a real word either. Poop on him.)

Okay bye now.

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