Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have nothing important to say

Again, it's been awhile. Not much has happened.

The overview:
  • Grandma's for Thanksgiving.
  • Sick on Thanksgiving.
  • Nearly died shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.
  • (Not really, but I almost wanted to for a minute there)
  • Finally got remote garage door opener, which will hopefully eliminate the locking-myself-out-of-the-house problem. Also, the waking-up-to-find-the-garage-door-open-to-the-world problem.
  • Working drains!
  • First big snowstorm of the year - almost died on the way to church practice.
  • Locked keys in the car on the way to breakfast with the ladies.
  • Swing Choir.
  • Put up the Christmas tree.
  • Dropped a floor lamp on my face, busted my lip.
  • Second big snowstorm of the year, almost ran out of gas.
Um, that's about it.

I know, I know, you wish you were me, what with my exciting life and all.

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